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Pavilion Arts Centre

The Fits (15)

3 Apr 2017

The Fits

The Fits


Made with a tiny budget and in one location, the film centres around Toni who is training with her brother in a Cincinnati community centre boxing gym. While there, she gets distracted by and then seeks to join, a dance troupe who are using the same venue to practice their routines. Inexplicably, the dancers are soon afflicted by fainting fits, swooning and shaking. As time goes by, the dancers adopt these strange happenings into their choreography and Toni has to decide whether this rite of passage is one she's prepared to endure. "It shakes you to the core" The Guardian

Directed by Anna Rose Holmer

Running Time: 72 mins



Dates and Prices

Dates: Monday 3 April 7.30pm

Tickets: £5 (Children: £3)


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